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Dr. Albert Chen
Professor of Physics
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Physics is part of the James E. Hurley College of Science and Mathematics.

My degree options:

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Physics
  • Minor in Physics
  • Pre-Engineering for the engineering program(s)

What makes an OBU Physics degree special?

The opportunities, experiences, and life lessons that occur while majoring in the degree of Physics at OBU resonate throughout students’ advanced studies and help shape each one of them on a personal and knowledgeable level. Students will have personal attention from their professors with access to all lab facilities directly and needed assistance in their studies at OBU.

What are OBU grads doing with their Physics degrees?

Most physics majors continued their study and entered into PhD programs. After completing their graduate program, some work for major research institute (Princeton Theoretical Physics Group at Princeton University, National Reusable Energy Center in Golden, CO), or teach at various universities (Dallas Baptist University). Other students obtained a Master degree in the engineering field and now work for the industry.

What courses can I take?

Electrodynamics, Modern Physics (include Nuclear Physics and Quantum Mechanics), Advanced Laboratory (computer cluster, parallel computing, and electronics), Classical Mechanics.

What do OBU Physics faculty specialize in?

  • Dr. Chen specializes in Computational Physics, Space Physics. He collaborates with NASA Kennedy Space Center, Electrostatic and Surface Physics Lab. His current research works focus on the Dust Mitigation in the space environment.

Departmental extras:

Students help to build Cluster Computers and use the Cluster-PCs to learn High Performance Computing. Students are encouraged to pursue summer research experience.