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Dr. Randy Ridenour
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
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Philosophy is part of the Herschel H. Hobbs College of Theology and Ministry.

My degree options:

What makes an OBU Philosophy degree special?

It combines excellent preparation for graduate school with a specifically Christian perspective. The result is that our graduates are fully equipped to succeed in either a secular or a Christian venue, wherever they may be led.

What are OBU grads doing with their Philosophy degrees?

Most go directly to graduate school. This includes both Ph. D. programs in Philosophy (we have three graduates in the OU program right now), and Seminary/Divinity School (we have one at Princeton Seminary, one who just finished at Princeton Seminary and is now pursuing a Sociology doctorate at Notre Dame, one at the U. of Chicago, one at Beeson, one at the Pacific School of Religion and one at Southwestern Baptist). We have graduates who have pursued graduate study in other fields, including one in Religion at the University of Virginia and one in English at the University of South Carolina. Also, one of our graduates is teaching in the public school system in Arkansas and is preparing to go to Law School. Several have pursued careers in Law and public service (One attended Law school at Southern Methodist University, one at Vanderbilt, one was on the staff of a U.S. Senator in Texas, and three are social workers in the Oklahoma City metro area.)

What courses can I take?

Philosophy of Religion, Christian Apologetics, Ethics, History of Ancient Philosophy, History of Medieval Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy, History of American Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Symbolic Logic, Advanced Logic, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Postmodernism, and Aesthetics. All are very cool! See the OBU Catalog for course descriptions.

What do OBU Philosophy faculty specialize in?

  • Dr. Tawa Anderson
  • Dr. Randy Ridenour: Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Critical Thinking, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Aesthetics, and American Philosophy

Departmental extras:

We plan at least one field trip to a major Philosophy conference each academic year. This coming year we are looking at two. Baylor has several such conferences and they are conveniently located for us, though we have also taken trips as far as Wheaton. We also provide information on all undergraduate calls for papers, so that our majors have every opportunity to submit their work to peer review, which we highly encourage.