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Musical Arts

Musical Arts

Professor Dr. Michael Dean
Assistant Professor of Music
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Musical Arts is a part of the Music Division in the Warren M. Angell College of Fine Arts.

My degree options:

  • B.M.A. with a choice in emphasis in voice, piano, composition, voice/musical theater or worship arts.

What makes an OBU Musical Arts degree special?

The B.M.A. degree allows one to receive a professional music degree while pursuing a minor in another area. This permits students to explore interests outside of music but at the same time receive a music degree that is accepted by music graduate programs or to pursue a career as a professional musician. OBU offers several advised emphases for the B.M.A. degree. These include vocal music, vocal / musical theater, instrumental, worship arts and composition.

What are OBU grads doing with their Musical Arts degrees?

Recent OBU graduates with B.M.A. degrees are pursuing graduate degrees in ethnomusicology, attending seminary, working as professional orchestra musicians, composing music for films and videos, teaching music in public schools, working in churches and studying / working abroad.

What courses can I take?

During your freshmen year you will take Intro to Music Study which will help prepare and give you the tools to be a successful music major. You will receive introductions to practice techniques, music technology, careers in music and take a musical field trip. This degree has several hours of electives to allow you to pursue your own particular musical interests, while receiving a minor in an area outside of music. It is the most flexible music degree offered.

Departmental extras:

While pursuing OBU music degrees students have the opportunity to gain valuable musical experience by leading worship on the OBU Chapel team, assisting with high school instrumental / choral auditions and contests, working in the preparatory program, assisting with instrumental and choral libraries, being stage managers, working with music technology and producing and performing in CAB productions. These experiences give one practical knowledge that will be helpful in the pursuit of a music career.