Oklahoma Baptist University

International Business

Dr. Lee Goen
Associate Professor of Business
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International Business is part of the Paul Dickinson College of Business.

My degree options:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in International Business

What makes an OBU International Business degree special?

Highlights of OBU’s International Business program:

  • OBU consistently has between 25-30 students majoring in international business.
  • These students come from a number of countries, including the following: U.S., Albania, Brazil, China, France, & Sweden.
  • Since 2004, OBUs business students have consistently averaged above the 90th percentile nationally on international issues in business, based on the ETS Major Field Achievement tests for business students.
  • The international business program at OBU features applied, “Hands on” projects with Oklahoma companies seeking to expand their international business. Such projects develop the OBU student’s practical knowledge and experience in reaching international markets –- a very marketable skill set.
  • OBU’s international business students develop a tool bag of concepts and skills in navigating cross-cultural relationships, which puts them ahead of their peers.
  • International business majors have the option of doing an international business internship.
  • OBU’s students with an international business major go on the work in new international business ventures, they work in established world class companies, and some go on the start their own international joint ventures overseas.

What courses can I take?

International Marketing, International Management, International Finance, International Business Internship

Departmental extras:

  • Faculty with international business experience
  • Market research projects focusing on Brazil, Cambodia, Dubai, Malaysia, & Thailand
  • Site visits to companies involved in international business and international finance
  • Guest lecturers involved in international business
  • International trips focusing on international business