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Dr. John Powell
Professor of History
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History is part of the department of Anthropology, History and Political Science in the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The study of history is about more than memorizing dates and facts. The study of history examines the forces and events that have shaped the world. By studying history you will acquire a framework for understanding the present and anticipating the future. And you will develop research, writing and presentation skills that will serve you in any career you pursue.

More importantly, the study of history will help you learn to think critically, to not just accept another historian’s view of the world, but to arrive at your own.

My degree options:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in History

What makes an OBU History degree special?

History is part of OBU’s department of Anthropology, History and Political Science in the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences. This means that your history classes will include the perspective of these other areas, giving you a much broader understanding of human behavior and events from pre-history to the present.

What are OBU grads doing with their History degrees?

Working as attorneys, professors, policy researchers, teachers and attending graduate school.

What courses can I take?

Oklahoma History, Latin American History, Modern Russia: Culture and Politics, American Women’s History, History of United States Journalism.

What do OBU History faculty specialize in?

The history of wartime journalism, British history, Slavic/Russian history, Middle Eastern/Muslim history, Christian/Muslim cultural and intellectual relations.

Departmental extras:

Double major; double minor; write a thesis; do an internship; take Senior Seminar; join the Phi Alpha Theta honorary; participate in the Southwest Regional Model Arab League simulation; study abroad; do an independent study.