Oklahoma Baptist University

Early Childhood Education

Dr. Carolyn Gregory
Assistant Professor of Education
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Early Childhood Education is part of the Teacher Education division in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Early Childhood Education candidates develop a foundation of knowledge and skills through experiences that will help them to prepare developmentally appropriate educational programs for young children from prekindergarten through third grade. This program also emphasizes the development of a caring community of learners who support each other in reaching their fullest potential.

My degree options:

  • Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.E.) in Early Childhood Education

What makes an OBU Early Childhood Education degree special?

As a future teacher in early childhood education, students receive pertinent information and practical experiences that are relevant to the current needs of today’s classrooms. Students are supported in their learning within the guidance and nurturing of a Christian environment. Classes are also small in size which contribute to a more personal working relationship between students and faculty. Through well designed class and field experiences at OBU, students are very prepared to meet the experiences and challenges offered in the field of education.

What are OBU grads doing with their Early Childhood Education degrees?

There are many opportunities available for students with an early childhood degree. Most students are seeking a teaching position with young children within the public school systems of Oklahoma and Texas. With more preschools being established, students are choosing to enter the field of education in this exciting area. Some seek the areas of Administrator in a Head Start program or as a Parents as Teacher’s Facilitator. While some graduates pursue to be a Faith Community Coordinator and Educator, others are interested in the area of child care as a Child Care Center Director/Owner/Coordinator.

What courses can I take?

Because early childhood programs support the use of manipulatives in a child’s learning, some of the courses include practical hands-on experiences. For example, early childhood science classes perform many experiments using such items as magnets, batteries and bulbs, and color chemistry sets. Social studies for young children create opportunities for students to work in small groups to develop fun as well as active learning centers for their future teaching classes. Other courses invite guest speakers and incorporate field trips to expand one’s learning in a particular field of study.

What do OBU Early Childhood Education faculty specialize in?

Faculty specialize in curriculum instruction that is designed to help young children expand their learning. They promote the use of specific instructional methods that create opportunities for success in the areas of reading, language arts, math, social studies, and science. Chosen teaching strategies are based on sound theory and research.

Departmental extras:

Double major (elementary education and early childhood education/or/special education); join the Kappa Delta Pi honor society; join the POE student teacher association; study/teach abroad; attend state and national reading conferences.