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Communication Studies

Communication Studies

Dr. Vickie Ellis
Associate Professor of Communication Arts
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Communication Studies is part of the Communication Arts division in the College of Fine Arts.

My degree options:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication Studies

What makes an OBU Communication Studies degree special?

Employers consistently list communication skills and teamwork skills in the top 5 qualities any successful employee in any career field needs to possess.

The goal of Communication Studies is to teach you important principles of communication that will help you succeed in your career and in your personal life. Our courses introduce you to communication principles in organizations, across cultures, in the family, and in public communication. You will also learn how to deal with conflict effectively, analyze messages you receive, and collect information for making good decisions.

These are all skills that will help you build successful relationships in any profession! You will also have opportunities to take courses that will help you prepare for your own career goals.

What are OBU grads doing with their Communication Studies degrees?

Our students have done campaign work with the Inhofe and Rice U.S. Senate race. Students have served internships with Barak Obama, Laura Bush and other community leaders. Other students have pursued graduate degrees and have become professors and researchers at the university level. Some students have successfully started their own businesses and some have gone into corporate and ministerial training.

Our graduates pursue a variety of careers and additional education including the following:

  • communication directors
  • coordinators in organizations
  • coordinators in non-profit organizations
  • event planning
  • museum directors and docents
  • sales
  • small business development
  • management
  • public relations
  • corporate training and facilitation
  • conflict management
  • development
  • administration
  • ministry/missions
  • advertising and marketing

Other students have pursued graduate studies in:

  • communication
  • law
  • business
  • human relations
  • political science
  • counseling
  • seminary

What do OBU Communication Studies faculty specialize in?

Departmental extras:

Communication research projects generally involve students’ particular interests and career goals. Following are some recent research topics: Individual privacy, the university and Facebook; Dresden Dolls engaging audience; implications of internships on career goals; Congressional recognition for Comanche Code Talkers; improving marketing strategies at the YMCA; grade inflation; OBU student recruitment; communication of volunteerism; and automobile marketing and high oil prices.

Additionally students have done rhetorical analyses at the Oklahoma History Museum in Oklahoma City. Students have also presented competitively chosen research projects at the OU Sooner Conference sponsored by OU’s Department of Communication as well as presented papers at the National Communication Association conference.

Recently students had the opportunity to apply communication theory to New York City experiences. Students analyzed public advertising in Times Square, assessed audience control at the David Letterman Show, developed support for three persuasive theories based on shows and museum exhibits. Ultimately students used photo journals to highlight persuasive and humor theories discussed throughout the trip.