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Church Music

Dr. Lee Hinson
Associate Professor of Church Music
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Church Music is part of the Music Division in the Warren M. Angell College of Fine Arts.

My degree options:

  • (B.M.): Church Music
  • (B.M.A.): Emphasis in Worship Arts
  • Minor in Worship Arts

The B.M.C.M. is OBU’s most comprehensive degree in this field, providing tremendous preparation for whatever music and worship setting God may call students to later in ministry. The B.M.A. offers the flexibility on an 18 hour minor in another field along with the 15-hour emphasis in worship arts. While the minor does have rudimentary music theory and some voice or piano lessons, it focuses more on classroom course offerings that are part of the church music department and is designed for students who desire to major in something other than music.

Check out the audition requirements for the Church Music/Worship Arts major.

What makes an OBU Church Music degree special?

The primary goal of all these degrees is ultimately to mentor and train worship leaders, for both full time and bivocational ministry options. While there is a specific course dealing with contemporary worship models, all musical styles throughout the history of the church are discussed and integrated into appropriate courses. The driving philosophy of the church music and worship arts degrees are fundamentally the same.

What are OBU grads doing with their Church Music degrees?

Some go on to graduate study in worship and ministry at the seminary level, graduate music performance degrees, or masters in other related fields. Many also move straight into ministry positions.

What courses can I take?

Those involved in the B.M.C.M. have the opportunity to take a number of upper level music courses as part of their study (such as orchestration or conducting), further developing skills useful in worship music situations. Students in the B.M.A. (WA emphasis) and the minor take a class called Leading Contemporary Worship which is a guitar-based course which helps students at various skill levels hone their skills through video study and plugging into a live band at the end of the semester. Two core courses in all three degrees is Corporate Worship I and II. These two classes pull together worship philosophy, the history of music in worship, and leadership skills over a two-semester period. One of the most popular parts of the B.M.C.M. and B.M.A. is the Music Ministry Internship where the student shadows a worship leader at a local church for 160 hours. This internship is done during final year of study.

What do OBU Church Music faculty specialize in?

Dr. Lee Hinson

  • Fellowship of Church Musicians
  • Leading Contemporary Worship
  • Handbell Techniques
  • Introduction to Church Music
  • Instrumental Music in the Church
  • Church Music Administration
  • Youth and Adult Music Ministry
  • Corporate Worship I - II
  • Issues in Church Music
  • Music Ministry Internship
  • Arts and Western Culture
  • University Ringers

Conchita Hansford

  • Director, Music Preparatory Department
  • Children’s Church Music Methods
  • Music Methods (for elementary and early childhood education majors)

Departmental extras:

For many students, the internship is considered one of the highlights of study of the church music program.