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Dr. Brad Jett
Professor of Biology
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The Biology Department is part of the James E. Hurley College of Science and Mathematics.

My degree options:

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology

What makes an OBU Biology degree special?

A degree in Biology from OBU provides the perfect combination of exploring cutting-edge knowledge and developing hands-on technical proficiency. The OBU Science Division is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence while nourishing both appreciation and respect for all aspects of God’s creation. A Biology degree, or any other Science degree, from OBU will prepare you well for many careers, and is best known for its quality in preparing students for Medical School, Dental School, Graduate School, and many other post-graduate professional programs.

What are OBU grads doing with their Biology degrees?

Medical Doctors (including Neurosurgeons, Cardiologists, Pediatricians, Anesthesiologists, Dermatologists, and many others), Dentists, Field Biologists, Pharmaceutical Researchers, Biomedical Researchers, Lawyers, Marine Biologists, Epidemiologists, Microbiologists, Pharmacists, Osteopathic Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Optometrists, Speech Pathologists, Veterinarians, Physician Assistants, Medical Missionaries, and University Professors.

What courses can I take?

Zoology, Genetics, Microbiology, Environmental Biology, Immunology, Human Anatomy (with cadaver), Natural History of the Big Island of Hawaii.

What do OBU Biology faculty specialize in?

  • Dr. Contessa Edgar
  • Dr. Jett is a microbiologist who specializes in pathogenic bacteriology, where he does genetic engineering and molecular analysis in bacteria to understand the mechanisms by which they cause disease and through which they develop antibiotic resistance.
  • Dr. Utt is an entomologist who is also interested in complex ecosystems, especially tropical and marine ecosystems, and understanding the interactions of living things with their biological and geophysical habitats.

Departmental extras:

Biology majors engage in many experiments, both in and out of the laboratory. Students participate in scientific meetings, listen to seminars by internationally known scientists, perform independent senior research projects, take field trips, etc, and have opportunities (at extra cost) to travel with a class to places like Hawaii and Costa Rica.