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An OBU student bonds with a child on a GO trip.

GO Trip Opportunities

* Deadline for summer 2015 GO Trip Application: October 23, 2014.

All trip dates are flexible and subject to change -- check with Global Outreach Center to confirm dates and for specific country locations.


Vision Trips: (check with GO Center for Vision Trip Application)

New York
New Orleans



South Asia: T-People. Team of 6 Students. May 23-June 30.

Participants will have many evangelism and discipleship opportunities. Team members need to be relational, self-motivated and committed to obeying God. There are also opportunities for conversational English, sports outreach, and learning the local language and culture. But mostly the team will immerse themselves in the local community looking for persons of peace, sharing, teaching, discipling, and prayer walking.

Central Asia: University Students. May 16-June 15. Team of 8-10 students.

Students will participate in a “cultural exchange” program living on a university campus and interacting with local students through studying the local language and culture. As relationships are formed team members will have opportunities to share their faith. Tours of local businesses and cultural sites will be part of the exchange. Students will spend a few days living with host families. One or more service projects will also be conducted in participation with the university's servant-leadership program and/or the local church. Students will be eligible to earn 1 credit of "cultural internship" credit from the university that is transferable to OBU as an elective.

Europe: Central Asian Peoples. May 23-June 23. Team of 4-6 students.

Students will work to find ways to engage and build relationships with Central Asian diaspora peoples through a variety of methods including prayer walking, visiting mosques, teaching English, hanging out in ethnic cafes and restaurants, all-day picnics, and a variety of other ministry activities.

Southeast Asia: South Asia Refugees. Team of 5-10 students. May 23-June 23.

Students called to this trip will be working with refugees of a minority religious background from South Asia. They will visit refugees in their homes, give them food, share the gospel, and spend some time teaching refugee children. Students will also visit refugees detained at the Immigration Detention Center. The ideal team will have an equal number of girls and guys; if not, the preference is for more girls.

Southeast Asia: Children. Team of 8-10 Students.

The first part of the trip will be spent leading a camp for children of regional workers attending an annual retreat/training. The second half of the trip students will come alongside local workers in ministry through outreach, prayer walking, and witnessing.

Southeast Asia. English teaching.

Details for this trip are still being developed.

East Asia: University Students. Team of 6-8 students. June 1-July 1.

Students will participate in a “cultural exchange” program living on a university campus and interacting with local students through studying the local language, teaching English, playing sports, etc. As relationships are formed team members will have opportunities to share their faith and study the Word one-on-one.

East Asia: Children. Team of 5-6 students. June 28-July 18.

Participants will work with the TCK program providing childcare for field worker families during the first week. There is also a need for 1-2 additional people to lead worship for the adults during this time. The remaining two weeks will be spent working with immigrant children in the community. There will be opportunities to play games, help with camps, share bible stories, and engage the children and share your faith.



Details for this trip are still being developed.

Manchester: University Students. May 25-June 25.

Participants will assist the local workers to reach out to the 100,000 university students and 100,000 urbanites in the Manchester city center. Only about 1-2% are Christian. We partner with local ministries and seek ways to engage people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The team will assist in organizing and planning student events and activities in order to build relationships with students and help them know and have faith in Jesus Christ. The team will also reach out and engage the wider community to be a light for the Gospel in Manchester.

Central Europe: Sports Ministry.

Details for this trip are still being developed.

Southeastern Europe: Roma Peoples. July 15-August 12. Team of 4-8 students.

The team will join in ministry to a Roma (Gypsy) community as well as to children at a local orphanage. Ministries may include crafts and English teaching to children as well as storying through a sports/Bible camp. Ministry will also involve holding house-church at a local café. If the team desires, they may plan and carry out other creative outreach ministries. This trip is best suited to students who enjoy futbol, and want to work with children living in poor and broken communities who are at high risk for trafficking.


Horn of Africa: Orphans. Team of 6-8 students. May 19-June 8.

Students will come alongside those serving in ministry to orphans by leading VBS classes and activities, assisting with Sunday meetings and classes for children, and working with local leaders to develop a new school program.

North Africa. Team of 4-6 students. June 1-June 23.

Details for this trip are still being developed.

Central Africa: University Students.

Details for this trip are still being developed.


Hawaii. Team of 6-8 students.

Activities include: welcoming arriving international students, participating in island tour activities with internationals, befriending students and being a Christian witness, and cleaning and maintenance of the International Baptist Centre. Participants will also have opportunities to increase their cross-cultural ministry experience, participate in a cultural awareness seminar, visit a Mormon Temple and other religious sites, eat food from different countries, and interview international students.

Portland, Oregon. Team of 6-8 students. 8 weeks: Dates are flexible.

Students will partner with Parachute Project, which is a program that gives college students the experience of first-hand church-planting in some of the most un-churched regions of America. Students will discover, plan, and implement ministry based on what God is doing in the community and the team’s giftedness. Men and women are needed for this trip. They will be taught and immersed in what it means to plant churches. This is a great opportunity for those that desire to be disciples and make disciples.Canada.Details for this trip are still being developed.

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