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Important Disclaimer: This site, by definition, contains links to web pages containing materials that are contrary to biblical truth. Such materials, therefore, are not endorsed by the Don R. Kammerdiener Center for Missiological Research, the Avery T. Willis Center for Global Outreach, the School of Christian Service, Oklahoma Baptist University, or the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, except for purposes of academic research.

General Sites for World Religions, Multi-Religion Sites
Six major religions of the world
Major religions of the world ranked by adherents
Internet Sacred Text Archive

Animism, from Wikipedia
Mystic Animism, Article by Alan G. Hefner and Virgilio Guimaraes
Sacred Texts of Animism
Practical (American) Animism
Article from Catholic Encyclopedia

The Baha'i Faith
Official Site
Baha'i World -- an official site
Religious Tolerance Site -- Not official site, but sympathetic
Bahai' Faith on the web
Bibliography - Official site from the Baha'i Writings Online

Friends of the Western Order Site -- official site
Buddhazine -- Buddhism Online Magazine (official)
Online encyclopedia article
Sacred Texts of Buddhism
About Buddhism -- Not official site , designed to orient non-Buddhists
Buddhanet -- official site intended to inform non-Buddhists
Religious Tolerance Site
The Decline of Buddhism in India
Buddhist Sites in India
Guide to Japanese Buddhism
Thai Buddhism
Guide to Zen Buddhism
Beliefs of Zen Buddhism
Wabash Center Buddhism Page
The Life of Gatama Buddha
Buddha's Birthplace Discovered
Buddha's Last Resting Place Discovered
Research and Bibliographic Links to Buddhism -- Extensive site

Sacred Texts of Confucianism
Article from Catholic Encyclopedia
Article Published by Asia Society
Confucius -- K'ung-fu-tzu or Kongfuzi
Introduction to Confucianism
Neo-Confucianism - with links to other eastern religions
Japanese Confucianism
Confucianism and Christianity
Confucianism -- Encarta Encyclopedia article
Bibliography on Confucianism

Hinduism - Extensive article
About Hinduism -- inlcudes beginners' guide
Religious Tolerance Site
BBC United Kingdom Site
Hinduism, the World's Oldest Religion
Hinduism Today Magazine
Website of Hindu Monastary in Hawaii
The Bhagavad Gita - complete text
Understanding Hinduism -- Very complete, with extensive links

Islam 101 -- Extensive educational site for non-Moslems
Islam Page - Extensive official site for non-Moslems. Contains text of Quran in Arabic and 19 other languages
Introduction to Islam - Text with photographs for non-Muslims
Early Islam - from Exploring Ancient World Cultures
The Straight Path - Islam Interpreted by Muslims
The Second Coming of Isa (Jesus)
A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam -- site designed to convert non-Moslems
Wabash Center Islam Site
Topical classification of Qur'an and Hadith
Shia-Sunni Unity site
Sunni Tradition -- development of sect through the centuries
About Sunni Muslims -- article about the more "orthodox" believers
Sunni Islam - Columbia Encyclopedia article
Sunni Islam in Iraq
Sunni Islam - links to numerous articles
Shi'a Islam - Links to numerous articles
Origins of the Sunni-Shi'a Split
About Shi'a Muslims
Shi'a Tradition -- development of the sect through the centuries
A Shi'ite Encyclopedia
Comparison of Islamic Sects
The Shia -- basic distinctions of the sect
Origin of Shi'a Movement -- PDF
Modern Islam: Islam for Today
Modern Islam: Islam Denounces Terrorism
Mohammed, the Prophet -- biographical article by Islamic scholar
Mohammed and Mohammedianism - from Catholic Encyclopedia
Description of the Prophet Mohammed -- Islamic site
Prophet Mohammed -- article by Hindu scholar
Muhammed -- article from Jewish Virtual Library

Principles, Traditions, Practices (extensive links)
All About Jainism
Sacred Texts of Jainism
Jainism - Beliefnet site
Jain Scriptures

Orthodox Judaism -- Links to main branches
Reformed Judaism -- Information about largest branch
Judaism 101
Conversion to Judaism Site
Torah Media
Religious Tolerance Site

Shinto: The Way of the Gods
Early Shinto
Shinto Religion of Japan
Sacred Texts of Shinto

Sikhism Home Page (official)
Wabash Center Sikhism Page
Sacred Texts of Sikhism
Wikipedia Article on Sikhism
All About Sikhism -- official site for non-Sikhs
History of trhe Sikhs
Sikhism - New Religious Movements Website

Taoism, The Way -- article by Asia Society scholar
Taoism - "Way of Life"
Taoist Sacred Texts
Taoist Information Page
Taoism and the Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan