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General Religion Sites
World Religions Index
Apologetics Index
New Religious Movements in the United States
Belief Bulletin -- Overview of Major Religions, NAMB, PDF

Aniimism -- Apologetics Index

Baha'i Faith -- NAMB, PDF
Baha'i Faith -- Apologetics Index
Baha'i Faith -- Watchman Fellowship
An ex-Baha'i Christian View

Belief Bulletin: Buddhism -- NAMB, PDF
Buddhism - Aplogetics Index

Eastern Meditation
Transcendental Meditation -- Watchman Fellowship

Belief Bulletin - Hinduism -- NAMB, PDF
Hinduism -- Apologetics Index

Belief Bulletin: Islam -- NAMB, PDF
Comparison Chart: Islam and Christianity -- NAMB, PDF
Concerning the Muslims Among Us -- NAMB
Isa, the Muslim Jesus -- Answering Islam
Islam - Apologetics Index
Islam and Christianity, a Comparison -- Answering Islam
Islam: Peace-loving or radical?
Jihad - Apoologetics Index
Popular Isalmic Terms -- NAMB, PDF
References to Jesus in the Qur'an -- NAMB, PDF
Understanding Jihad in Islamic Thought -- NAMB, PDF

Belief Bulletin: Sikhism -- NAMB, PDF
Sikhism -- Apologetics Index

Wicca and the Occult
A Closer Look at Occultic Games -- NAMB, PDF
Belief Bulletin -- Occult Overview -- NAMB, PDF
The Bible and the Occult -- Watchman Fellowship
Occultic Games -- Watchman Fellowship
Satanism -- Watchman Fellowship
Witchcraft, Wicca -- Apologetics Index
Witchcraft, Wicca -- Watchman Fellowship
Witnessing to Someone in the Occult -- Watchman Fellowship
Youth and the Occult -- Watchman Fellowship
Youth-Oriented TV and the Occult -- Watchman Fellowship