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General Apologetics Sites
The Academy of Christian Apologetics
Apologetics Index
Belief Bulletins - NAMB
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
The Ultimate Christian Apologetics Website

General Articles on Cults
Cult-Sect Overview - NAMB, PDF
The Do's and Don'ts of Witnessing to Cultists
Rick Ross Institute Links Page
What Is a Cult? - Apologetics Index
What Is a Cult?

Belief Bulletin: Mormonism - NAMB, PDF
Mormon Christology - NAMB, PDF
The Truth about Mormonism - NAMB, PDF
A Closer Look at the Book of Mormon - NAMB, PDF
A Closer Look at the Mormon Plan of Salvation - NAMB, PDF
A Closer Look at the Truth about the Mormon Family - NAMB, PDF
The Mormon Puzzle - NAMB, PDF
Mormonism Research Ministry
About Mormon Fundamentalism
To Those Who Are Investigating Mormonism
Watchman Fellowship: General Mormonism site
Watchman Fellowship: Profile of Mormon Church
Watchman Fellowship: Archaeological Evidence for Mormonism

Jehovah's Witnesses
Belief Bulletin: Jehovah's Witnesses - NAMB, PDF
A Closer Look at Jehovah's Witness View of Christ - NAMB, PDF
A Closer Look at the New World Translation of Scripture - NAMB, PDF
Jehovah's Witness Teaching Compared with Scripture
Helping Jehovah's Witnesses Find Freedom in Jesus
Tools for Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses
Jehovah's Witnesses - CARM site
Rick Ross Institute Page

Other Cults and Sects
Armstrongism - NAMB, PDF
Christian Science - NAMB, PDF
Community of Christ - NAMB, PDF
International Churches of Christ - NAMB, PDF
Nation of Islam - NAMB, PDF
New Age - NAMB, PDF
Oneness Pentacostalism - NAMB, PDF
Santeria - NAMB, PDF
Scientology - NAMB, PDF
Seventh Day Adventists - NAMB, PDF
Unitarian Universalists - NAMB, PDF
The Way, International - NAMB, PDF