Oklahoma Baptist University

Minor in Cross-Cultural Ministry

The College of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science degree which combines professional education in theory and practice of nursing with a basic liberal arts education. The Hobbs College of Theology and Ministry offers a Cross Cultural Ministry minor which allows students to add a focus of ministry in a diverse world, both local and globally.

In addition to the area of concentration in nursing, the following courses are required:

AMIN 2753 - Survey of Cross-Cultural Ministry, Credits: 3
ANTH 1503 - Cultural Anthropology, Credits: 3
REL 3423 - World Religions (PHIL 3423, ANTH 3423), Credits: 3

Select three courses from the following:

AMIN 2183 - Introduction to Evangelism, Credits: 3
AMIN 3163 - Supervised Field Education: General Ministry, Credits: 3
or AMIN 3153 Supervised Field Education (Local Church), Credits: 3
AMIN 3953 – Principles and Methods of Cross-Cultural Ministry, Credits: 3
AMIN 4959 – Field Research in Cross-Cultural Ministry, Credits: 3