Oklahoma Baptist University

Student Testimonials

MBA Students / Graduates

“From my experience, what sets the OBU MBA program apart is the focus to deliver a real world approach to learning in a very distinct way. The faculty is a team of subject matter experts who are genuinely invested in the success of the students! “

Maria A. Canaga, 2012 MBA Graduate
Financial Analyst

“The MBA Program at OBU was key in helping me grasp the concept of thinking globally as well as understanding diversity both on a personal level and as it relates to business management. Classes were conducted by a group of professionals who covered all aspects of excellent business planning and analysis.”

Bernard Ngigi, 2011 MBA Graduate
Financial Analyst

“The cohort system at OBU benefited my educational experience because my classmates were more than fellow students or teammates. They were my support. We assisted each other in overcoming weaknesses and drew from each other’s strengths.”

Christina Balmer, 2010 MBA Graduate
Purchasing Quality Control Administrator

“OBU Graduate School was the perfect balance of higher education coupled with a world-view that complimented my Christian purpose and spiritual direction. It merged business and mission for me.”

Kyle Pewitt, 2010 MBA Graduate
Regional Vice President of Operations

“The international trip was the richest educational experience of the program for me. I have a great deal of international experience, but by participating on this trip with my cohort and getting to see business activities outside my own area of work I have been able to add new thoughts, perspectives, and experiences that have enhanced my work life.”

Ron Duggins, 2008 MBA Graduate
Business Development Director

MSN Students / Graduates

“The professors had great historical nursing perspectives and were interested in our current experiences. I am currently using all of the skills that I was able to implement in the practicum experience.”

Kim Robberson 2009 MSN Graduate

“The graduate programs at OBU will expand your knowledge, your thinking, and your opportunities. It is truly empowering!”

Brenda Head, 2009 MSN Graduate

“At OBU Graduate School, every faculty member wants their students to be successful. The knowledge I have gained is invaluable. In the future, I hope to provide my nursing students with the same level of commitment that I have received in this program.”

Terra Collie 2012 MSN Graduate

“I have never had professors care about my personal and professional growth the way they have at Oklahoma Baptist University. I worked a full-time job and was still able to successfully complete the program. It was absolutely worth every bit of the sacrifice.”

Sheri Wainscott, RN 2012 MSN Graduate