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Certificate in Energy Management

The Certificate in Energy Management provides the same quality instruction as our full MBA in Energy Management degree program. You only focus on the classes that address the Energy Sector and foundational financial topics. This 9-hour academic credit Certificate program is for students who have a masters in another area of study related to business or leadership yet want to add an emphasis in Energy Management. It is also designed to assist professionals who don't have a masters degree but who want to gain additional educational expertise in the area of Energy.

Energy Management Certificate Courses (9 credit hours)

Organizational Leadership in Energy Firms -- MGMT 5433 (3 hours)
This course will focus on leadership in organizations in the energy sector. Topics will include organizational culture, styles of influence, emotional intelligence, ethical issues related to leadership in the energy business, and leading change & transitions within energy businesses.

21st Century Global Energy Environment and Issues -- MGMT 5733 (3 hours)
This course provides an introduction to the global energy industry’s past, present and future. Current and historical issues are examined in regions such as: Africa, the Americas, Central Asia, and the Middle East. World production centers and markets are discussed to include relevant energy security, scenario planning, risk management and regulation, deregulation, the legal trends, the energy value chain, distribution systems, environmental concerns, and future trends. Students will learn the geographic distribution of energy resources worldwide including governmental systems. This course will focus on hydrocarbons, but familiarize students with the newest renewable and alternative energy sources as well.

Financial Analysis & Management for the Energy Industry -- ACCT 6133 (3 hours)
This course is focused on understanding the costs and benefits of various forms of capital. By examining internal and external management issues, students will be able to assess alternative capital sources to achieve their strategic objectives. Topics, such as risk management, arbitrage, hedging and foreign exchange risk, will be covered. The course will introduce effective investor communication techniques, and cover managerial tools of the trade including energy geo-economic analysis and asset valuation. The course will discuss topics on world energy markets, demand, supply, refining, marketing, forecasting, risk management, national v. international oil companies, and transportation. An introduction to environmental economics will help connect the energy industry to sustainable enterprise. Prerequisite ACCT 5923 FIN 5803

* Finance -- FIN 5803 (3 hours)

A study of the numerous financial decisions confronting the modern corporation. Special consideration is given to the effective management of financial resources, financial analysis and planning, investments, capital budgeting, and capital structure issues. (May be substituted with prior master's course)

* Financial Accountability -- ACCT 5923 (3 hours)

A study of the use of accounting information for managerial decision making. Special consideration is given to the interactive and supporting role of the managerial accounting function in planning, cost determination, performance evaluation and control. (May be substituted with prior master's course)

* The Accounting and Finance courses are required only if you have not already completed them at a graduate level.


Classes meet on the campus of the OBU Graduate School in Oklahoma City on either a Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday evening. You will be in class with other post-master's students, current OBU MBA's students, or professionals adding to their knowledge. Classes meet at various times during the year.

Admissions Requirements for Energy Management Certificate Program:

1. Bachelor's or Masters degree from an institution by an approved accrediting body.
2. Official transcript(s) reflecting work from all colleges or universities contributing to your degree. These must be mailed to: OBU Graduate School, 3800 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73112.
3. Completed application form
4. Current résumé
5. Completed statement of purpose
6. Two Recommendations

You may secure application materials online by clicking on links below or contact the OBU Graduate School office to receive an application packet. You may also apply online by clicking the Apply button above.

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