Oklahoma Baptist University

Bison Bike Tour 2007

Menís Timed Race Team Challenge

The Bison Bicycle Tour announces a new event for this yearís annual race, a Menís Timed Race Team Challenge. We hope you will consider entering your team in this event. 

Menís Team Challenge Parameters

  • 50-mile timed race Ė this is not a USCF event
  • Teams must wear similar jerseys which can be recognizable as team jerseys by a referee
  • Teams can have as many registered members as possible
  • Winning team determination will be the total time score by the first five (5) team members
  • Prize for first-place team = $100.00 (donated specifically for this challenge)

This is our first year offering this type of challenge, and we hope to add a womenís division next year!

The 2007 Bison Bicycle Tour will be April 7, 2007 beginning on the campus of Oklahoma Baptist University. This is an excellent opportunity for teams wishing to prepare for other spring races and for team training. 

To register for the BBT Menís Team Challenge, individual team members must register via the regular process [To register, click here.]; a team leader must fill out a BBT Menís Team Challenge form [Click here for the form. (PDF)] and submit that in addition to their individual registrations. There is no added cost of registering a team for the challenge. 

We hope you will consider taking part of this event!

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