Oklahoma Baptist University

Additional Advising Resources

When an advisee meets with you, especially in the early days of your relationship, there are so many things to remember and discuss. Some of the previous resources, such as the Academic Advising Inventory and the Appreciative Advising Revolution, focus on broad foundational principles. However, each advisee comes with special characteristics which will cause his/her plan to become unique. Honors students, student athletes, musicians and Prichard Scholars are just a few of the students who must follow some special guidelines or class schedule restrictions. Some of these may include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • The Honors Program -- If a freshman, ask if (s)he is "Honors-eligible" or has already been accepted into the Honors Program. If so, you will need to be familiar with the guidelines and curriculum which can be found in the Honors Handbook.
  • More than 27% of our total student body are student athletes. Therefore, it is highly likely that you will have advisees who are student athletes in one of over twenty sports teams. Knowing their practices and game schedules will be important in helping them meet their educational goals as well as their athletic ones. Check here for the Athletic Practice Schedule for the various sports.
  • The Music Class Enrollment Guide will answer a lot of the questions that you and your musicallly-inclined advisee will have when it comes to building class schedules for their academic career.
  • If your advisee plans to enter Southern Baptist ministry or missions, (s)he should apply for the Prichard Church Vocations Scholarship. Although your discipline may or may not be in the School of Christian Service, if your advisee is receiving this scholarship, there are certain guidelines, including that (s)he majors or minors in religion or applied ministry.