Strategic Initiatives

Oklahoma Baptist University has adopted seven initiatives that form the basis from which University Planning Advisory Council will identify yearly objectives. A vision statement follows each initiative. Taken cumulatively, these initiatives outline the vision included in the beginning of this document.

Strategic Initiative: Oklahoma Baptist University will aggressively monitor and address the needs for adapting curriculum to changing environments, studying and proposing missional-appropriate academic programs in the traditional liberal arts, professional areas, and graduate programs. Through establishing Centers of Excellence, OBU will position itself as a leader in targeted areas of expertise and leadership.
Vision: By 2020, OBU will be nationally and internationally recognized through centers of excellence including areas of music, education, theology, church recreation, and faith and discipline integration. OBU's undergraduate programs will include new and innovative academic areas with a vibrant liberal arts foundation. OBU's graduate programs will include degrees in theological studies, education, allied health fields, counseling (marriage and family therapy) and other fields consistent with our mission and new environments.

Strategic Initiative: OBU will aggressively expand existing scholarship programs and seek additional scholarships to recruit and retain targeted populations.
Vision: By 2020, OBU will have added an additional $20 million to its scholarship endowment. Increased and additional performance-based and leadership scholarships will have been added to the endowment. Specific scholarships targeting Oklahoma Baptist ministers' dependents and students surrendering to full time Christian vocations will be provided so that in addition to need-based state and national grant programs, sufficient financial aid and scholarships provide for a minimum of half of the tuition costs. Competitive scholarships for missionary dependents will be provided so that in addition to need-based state and national grant programs, sufficient financial aid and scholarships provide for full tuition costs.

Strategic Initiative: Oklahoma Baptist University will advance student services as a priority on the campus including new and expanded services in advisement, health and counseling, improved and additional housing options, and additional security improvements.
Vision: By 2020, OBU will have a newly designed area housing all academic services including a welcome center, enrollment management, retention, registrar services, and financial aid services. The University will have another student services area including the dean of student life offices, a health and counseling center, and a center for career placement and counseling. Student housing at OBU will be ranked very high by prospective students in their decision to attend. Residential housing will include additional apartment-style facilities, a planned renovation schedule for all facilities, and a remodeled and redesigned Agee Residence Center that accommodates dormitory-style, quad-style, and private room and bath options.