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Celebrate OBU With The Centennial Book Series

You can own the first seven books in OBU’s Centennial Book Series. These works include a history of OBU's women's glee clubs, a Centennial pictorial history of OBU, three books about OBU’s storied basketball history, a unique collection of written prayers by the late Dr. James E. Hurley and a cookbook featuring recipes collected from OBU personalities through the years.

O Sing Unto The Lord: A History of the Bisonettes—the Other Glee Club by Jack A. Pearson traces the development of OBU’s women’s glee clubs from 1919 through the years of the Treble Tones and then chronicles the history of the Bisonette Glee Club from 1954-55 through 2010-11. The Bisonette history includes group pictures, membership lists, officers, and concert and tour information. The 168-page, soft-cover book includes many photographs. The author directed the Bisonettes from 1971-72 through 2002-03.

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Finish: Oklahoma Baptist University 2009-10 Championship Basketball Season tells the story of the 2009-10 season in which the OBU Bison compiled a 33-3 record, won the Sooner Athletic Conference championship, and captured the NAIA Men's Division I National Championship -- OBU's first national basketball title since 1966. Written by John W. Parrish, 'Finish' is a 128-page, hard-cover coffee table book with more than 140 color photographs.

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Proudly Stand on Bison Hill is the official OBU Centennial pictorial history, written by Dr. John W. Parrish. It has more than 900 historic photographs including a class-year-by-class-year account, with photographs and highlights for each year. The book includes photos of long-term faculty and administrators, as well as a collection of OBU logos down through the years. The 256-page hard-cover coffee table book is destined to be an OBU keepsake.

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The Glory Years of Bison Basketball: Oklahoma Baptist University 1964-65, 1965-66, and 1966-67 Basketball Seasons chronicles one of the greatest runs in NAIA history. Coach Bob Bass and standout Al Tucker led the Bison to three consecutive national championship games. They brought home the 1966 championship banner, marking the pinnacle of Bison basketball success. Relive those memorable years through this hardback book by John W. Parrish.

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OBU Hoops: A History of Oklahoma Baptist University Bison and Lady Bison Basketball 1911-2007 recaps the entire history of the University’s basketball programs. With season-by-season summaries, team rosters, game scores, and a bevy of statistics, this work is a hardback “coffee table” edition which can serve as a ready resource, providing answers to trivia questions, as well as a glimpse at the legacy of OBU basketball which has carried the teams to continued national prominence.

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Glory Shakes the Ground: Written Prayers of James E. Hurley is a paperback work which takes the reader into the heart and mind of one of OBU’s most revered faculty members. The late biology professor wrote many prayers, several of which have been compiled into this book. In easy-to-use paperback, the book is both a devotional guide and a study in one man’s personal communication with God.

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Bison Bon Appétit celebrates a century of cooking on Bison Hill. "This isn't the usual cookbook, but an historical journey through the OBU years," said Rhetta Hudson, retired OBU music faculty member, who served as chair of the cookbook committee. "I hope readers will be pleased with the historical facts, biographies of teachers and staff, the delicious recipes and more."

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